City Dreamin’

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Hey Guys! How are you all? So today I spent the day in the city yet again to catch up with my two best friends and chill and spend time with our friend for her birthday. We went to Two Hands and then explored Soho and found the perfect stairs to take pictures. It was actually really cold so we had to break out our jackets but nonetheless we had a sick time!


Another day another coffee


It’s finally Friday! I thought the weekend would never come. My friend and I decided to end the week in a coffee shop (surprise surprise). We just caught up and talked about life and enjoyed the delicious coffee. I can’t wait to discover new coffee shops and document even more!

Loving this weather.


Hello lovelies! Just wanted to check in and post some pictures from the last couple of days! What have you all been up to? I’m swimming in HW but still managed to find time to binge watch this new show called the returned. It’s the first season and I’m sucked in beyond belief. Especially because of Simon. (If you watch you’ll know what I mean) anyway I hope you all have a great day and I’ll be back tomorrow.

A day well spent.




So after being stuck in the house for three days after this so called blizzard I finally left and ventured off into the depths of soho. My best friend and I spent hours shopping, eating and taking pictures in the freezing cold. We stopped off at urban outfitters and made it to two hands; the cutest coffee shop run by the cutest Australian boys. The shop was quaint and cozy with amazing coffee. I got some sick pictures today and was so excited to publish them!

Coffee Shop






It’s New Year’s Eve! That’s so crazy, the year is already over. I feel like this year went by so fast i couldn’t keep up. So hopefully 2015 will bring smiles and laughs and it’ll be even better than 2014. To celebrate the day, i went out to my favorite coffee shop, Bean&Bean. The interior is so rustic and industrial and their coffee is to die for, so I decided to take my best friend and go.